Do you need vitamin supplements? Then Ballim’s Pharmacy is the place to be. We stock a wide range of vitamins to keep your body and mind healthy and performing at its best. We also offer various baby care clinic services.

Ballim’s Pharmacy stocks protein shakes, health shakes such Lifegain, multi-vitamins and organic juices. Get the whole family feeling great and purchase a multi-vitamin which will aid in concentration and overall health and wellbeing.

For organic supplements, visit Ballim’s Pharmacy.

 Cleansing detox foot pads
 Traditional African medicines
 Mangosteen capsules
 Moringa powder


If you can’t find the vitamin supplements you are looking for, don’t worry, we will source them for you and have it delivered to our store.

For all your baby care requirements, speak to our qualified pharmacist. Our pharmacy offers immunisations, stocks teething gel and a range of baby creams, lotions and childcare products.

 Pregnancy testing
 Baby care
 Baby measurement and development assessment
 Breast feeding advise
 Colic treatment

We value our customers and offer competitive prices. An ATM is situated within the pharmacy for your safe. For all your healthcare, vitamin supplements and baby care needs, visit us today at 450 Church Street.