Ballim’s Pharmacy, a specialist health shop, provides quality clinic services. We also offer chronic medication dispensary and organic health products. For the past 40 years, we have been the ‘go to’ pharmacy of many residents in Pietermaritzburg. Regular visits to a pharmacy will ensure you stay healthy and avoid health complications.


Check your blood pressure with us. Signs of high blood pressure may include dizziness, blurred vision or spots in your eyes. Keep healthy and don’t neglect high blood pressure or low blood pressure warning signs.


We also offer glucose testing. Come and have your blood glucose reading done to ensure you avoid further health complications in the future.


Parents, if you need advice on teething, breast feeding or colic treatment, visit the pharmacy today. In addition, our clinic staff offers weighing and measuring and development assessments.


Other clinic services we offer

 Weight loss advise
 Vitamin injections
 Pregnancy testing
 Baby care
 Body mass index evaluations
 Diabetic care and diet advice


Get all your chronic medication at our dispensary counter. We are contracted to most medical aid policies. You have safe, ample parking when you visit Ballim’s Pharmacy. We have an in-store ATM for your safety. Visit us today at 450 Church Street.