Ballim’s Pharmacy is a respected health shop and pharmacy that provides quality clinic services and blood pressure testing. For over 40 years, the pharmacy has been at the forefront of keeping people in Pietermaritzburg healthy.

It’s a good idea to check your blood pressure regularly. Checking your blood pressure at our pharmacy will prevent other health complications or make you aware of a particular health problem.


Signs of high blood pressure

 Blood spots in your eyes
 Blurred vision
 Dizziness
 Face is flushed red
 Headaches
 Shortness of breath
 Chest pain


Signs of low blood pressure

 Dizziness
 Fainting
 Blurred vision
 Cold, sweaty hands
 Fatigue
 Shallow breathing


In addition to blood pressure testing, Ballim’s Pharmacy also does glucose testing.

Friendly staff are on hand to provide you with advice on blood pressure medication or refer you to a doctor for further care. At Ballim’s Pharmacy we dispense chronic blood pressure medication.