Ballim’s Pharmacy, your one-stop health shop

Ballim’s Pharmacy has all you need to take care of your health. From blood glucose testing to medication dispensary, you can have peace of mind about your wellbeing when you visit our store. For over 40 years, our health shop and pharmacy has been the trusted brand for families around Pietermaritzburg.


Check your blood pressure regularly. Come on down to Ballim’s Pharmacy for blood pressure testing and blood pressure medication. If you are experiencing high or low blood pressure, we can refer you to a general practitioner so you can stay on top of your health. In addition, visit us for blood glucose testing. No matter how young or old you are, it’s always a good idea to keep your glucose levels in check to avoid future health risks.


We stock a variety of organic food and health products to help you live the life you’ve always wanted. If we don’t have a product, we’ll order it for you with fast delivery to our pharmacy’s door.


Mom’s and tots, we have all the essential baby care products you will need. For advice, we have an experienced pharmacist who will refer you to medications and items you’ll require to help ensure your child is healthy. Visit us for family healthcare, we are contracted to most medical aid funds. Ballim’s Pharmacy is situated at 450 Church Street. Call us now on 033-345-3130.