For over 40 years Ballim’s Pharmacy has established itself as a respected pharmacy and clinic service provider in Pietermaritzburg. We offer a wide range of vitamin supplements, organic food products as well as organic juices and supplements. Our pharmacy offers competitive pricing and friendly, professional advice when it comes to health issues. Qualified pharmacists lead this professional team of people who are passionate about the wellbeing of others.

Ballim’s Pharmacy does blood pressure testing daily. Some of the symptoms of high blood pressure includes:

 Blood spots in your eyes
 Blurred vision
 Dizziness
 Face is flushed red
 Headaches
 Shortness of breath
 Chest pain


Know the signs of low blood pressure
 Dizziness
 Fainting
 Blurred vision
 Cold, sweaty hands
 Fatigue
 Shallow breathing


You should also have your blood glucose levels checked on a regular basis to avoid the on-set of diabetes and other illnesses.


Organic supplements stocked at Ballim’s Pharmacy

 Cleansing detox foot pads
 Traditional African medicines
 Mangosteen capsules
 Moringa powder


Come to Ballim’s Pharmacy for all your baby care needs. We offer advice and guidance to expectant mothers and parents.


 Pregnancy testing
 Baby care
 Baby measurement and development assessment
 Breast feeding advise
 Colic treatment


To keep your family healthy, visit the pharmacy for immune boosters, flu injections and health shake supplements.


Addition clinic services

 Weight loss advise
 Vitamin injections
 Pregnancy testing
 Baby care
 Body mass index evaluations
 Diabetic care and diet advice


In addition to chronic medication dispensary, we also stock a wide range of perfumes, cosmetics and beauty products. From creams and lotions to facial products to hand and foot lotions, we have everything you will need to look and feel stunning.
We are competitively priced and appreciate our customers. For all your healthcare requirements, visit Ballim’s Pharmacy today at 450 Church Street. Call us now on 033-345-3130.